Homeowners can choose to buy a prefabricated tub from a home improvement store or they can take the design process one step further by creating a custom bathtub. These tubs can have more than just an extra feature or two, they can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into any space. They can also be designed to fit a specific style or theme.

The first step in the customization process is to find inspiration. Homeowners can do this by searching Pinterest or looking through home designers’ Instagram profiles. Then, they can start deciding on the shape of tub they want and the color. Some custom tubs can even be created in (almost) any color on the RAL color chart, making it easy for homeowners to match their other bathroom fixtures and décor. For more details and information please click this link https://www.sacramentowalkintubs.com/.

Custom tubs can also be designed with many safety features to help prevent accidents while bathing. These can include a slip-resistant floor, grab bars, and a water temperature control that will automatically shut off the jets after a set time of time. Some tubs can even be customized with chromatherapy, which uses lighting under the water that can change colors to encourage relaxation or energization.

Many people select walk-in tubs because they can offer a safer way to get in and out of the tub. They can have a lower threshold to enter and some models can be equipped with built-in seats or wheelchair access. They can also have a convenient handrail to assist with balance and stability. For those with limited mobility, a bathtub that can recline or has air jets may be the best choice.

Choosing the right size tub is another important factor to consider. A tub that is too small will be difficult to enter, while a tub that is too large could overwhelm a smaller space. It’s a good idea to consult a professional to determine the perfect size tub for your needs.

Another consideration is whether you prefer a tub with doors that open outward or inward. Tubs with doors that open outward require more room inside to sit down and may have more of a risk of leakage. Tubs with inward-swinging doors are usually less expensive but may have more difficulty opening and closing.

While some box stores do carry a few options to try out in person, most bath remodeling companies only sell their tubs online and over the phone. Most of the time, these companies will send a representative to your home to measure the space and look at your options with you. This can feel like a high-pressure sale, and it’s not always possible to return the tub if you don’t like it once it’s installed in your bathroom.

When it comes to designing a custom tub, homeowners can’t go wrong with choosing a company that is knowledgeable and experienced. A team of professionals can help you choose a tub that meets all of your needs while blending seamlessly with your decor.